Our Mulkanoor Women’s Cooperative Dairy started milk procurement on 17th August 2002. However, the process began during 1997 itself. The women’s thrift cooperatives of this area have caught with huge idle cash because of lean demand from the members. The idle funds have become Non Performing Assets (NPAs), generating no income, which became a cause of concern. So, Women thrift cooperative members had series of brain storming sessions on new investment avenues which would benefit majority of members. Thus emerged the idea of establishing cooperative dairy as we have realized most of the women members had milch cattle and were already selling milk at less remunerative price.

In year 1998-99 based on the suggestion given by the members for establishing dairy for alternative supplementary income, Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) has conducted a series of feasibility surveys in the villages and near by cities with the technical help of National Dairy Development Board . The studies revealed that there are 72 villages around Mulkanoor with at least 14000 litres per day marketable surplus. The demand in Warangal city was about 30000 litres per day. About 60-70% of the total demand in Warangal City was being catered to by unorganised milk vendors. Thus, a dairy union with a capacity of 25 Thousand Litre per Day (TLPD) expandable to 75 TLPD.

We have approached, Mulkanor Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society (a leading agriculture cooperative in India , promoted in 1956) has accepted to support the promotion of our dairy plant. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has also agreed to extend their technical support. The Mulkanoor Cooperative Rural Bank (MCRB) has taken the responsibility of supervising the construction of the building and installation of machinery of the plant. Thus our Mulkanoor Women’s Dairy was established and our dreams became a reality in 2002. The plant was expanded to 75TLPD in the year 2013.