About Us



Core Philosophy

Guided by the vision of our leader Sri Viswanath Reddy who imbibed in us the principles of cooperation and service, the Core Philosophy of Mulkanoor Women’s Mutually Aided Milk Producers Cooperative Union is Collective Action and matchless services to clients and members. In keeping with our Core philosophy, we continually strive to introduce new services and products in the market year after year – products and services which aim at highest quality with affordable prices. And when we say ‘Excellent services to clients and members at all cost’, we not only mean the words but we actually practice it everyday in day-to-day operations. The rewards accrue in the form of repeat orders, loyal client base and increased membership.

Design Features

We have been successful because of the carefully well thought off design features.

  • Ceiling on the procurement distance: By keeping a limit of 30 Kms on the maximum distance of the village where milk is to be procured from the dairy, we have ensured lowest possible cost per litre of procurement.
  • Target on Smaller cities: We are able to capture very good market share by concentring on mid sized cities and smaller municipalities around Mulkanoor like Warangal , Siddipet, Karimnagar, Mancherial and Godavari Khani.
  • Initial Product portfolio: A product portfolio limiting to marketing just milk, curd and buttermilk helped us ensure daily money inflows back from the market easing out working capital requirement.
  • Local Human Resource: The staff is employed from within the Union villages resulting in less resource cost per litre compared to industry standards.
  • Ensuring higher stakes of members: We have institutionalised patronage linked compulsory development deposits at the rate of 5% of every milk bill that the member realizes.
  • Systematic institution building process: Institution development and capacity building of the members was taken up systematically for a period of 18 months before the launch of dairy.
  • Minimum performance criteria for members and leaders: Standards for minimum performance of members and leaders were set and performance is being measured accordingly.
  • Surplus Distribution: The Surplus distribution is done to the members on the basis of total transactions with the cooperative.